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Rio Alto Kft. is a Hungarian owned company, which operates a beef cattle project in south-west Hungary. Its main goal is to assist farmers of Hungary and Eastern Europe in improving the quality and efficiency of their beef production with the introduction of Range Tested Red Angus genetics combined with Western Canadian management, technology and training. The OH Ranch, "the genetic source" of this project, runs 2.000 mother cows on 25.000 hectares of rolling hills located on the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains near Longview, Alberta, Canada.

The Red and Black Angus herd was established from Canadian genetics imported into Hungary in the form of frozen embryos, semen and live cattle. In 1995, 4 purebred Red Angus bulls and 3 cows were imported from Canada, meanwhile 78 Hungarian Spotted heifers were purchased in Hungary to initiate the project. And so it began the Red Angus - Hungarian Spotted crossbreeding and Red Angus embryo implantation program.